The Last Boy Scout

the-last-boy-scout-800x450-800x450_051620161213The Last Boy Scout is an American film that was released in the year 1991, directed by Tony Scott and starred Bruce Willies and Damon Wayans. At the time, Bruce Willies was enjoying international, widespread popularity and still basking in the glow of the Hollywood blockbuster Die Hard franchise films, which became an instant hit. The film was generally not very well received by audiences and critics worldwide, but it was definitely not a complete flop and received some mixed reviews.

Some people claim that Bruce Willies was cast to repeat his role as John McClane in Die Hard, but it failed to convey the same feeling as that movie given that The Last Boy Scout was far from being a witty action film with elements of Christmas comedy, which made the former movie a really successful one that the whole family could enjoy. Instead, The Last Boy Scout is simply a run of the mill Hollywood action film packed with violent, homoerotic scenes depicting Western males high on testosterone competing over who is the biggest cock in the coop.

Also, one of the biggest reasons why people were disappointed with the film was that it was released around the holiday season, the film was too violent and had nothing to do with Die Hard. In any case, it is perhaps prudent to say that America’s culture is not only all about guns, action, testosterone, and misogynist films. There is also a great culture of gambling and playing casino games. For example, a lot of casino games were installed in Indian Reservations given that they are exempt from paying certain taxes and the State Government and laws do not have jurisdiction within these lands. Today, with the advent of apps and the internet and websites such as laws and taxes are no longer a major concern for casino owners.