Girls, Guides, the uniform and the badges

guidephotoThe original Girl Guides uniform was created in 1909 and the finished article was published in the publication; The Scheme for Girl Guides.

The Guides uniform is quite identifiable the world over. It is based on a jersey in company colour with a neckerchief to match. The bottom half differs in that Guides sport a blue skirt with matching tights or stockings.

A Guide’s uniform is not complete without her tools which include a backpack, lanyard, knife or other cutting instrument, walking stick or staff and a cooking tin. Guides also wear a cap and sport a shoulder knot of ‘Group Colour’

Uniforms vary and in some places are approved by the local Guide organisation and manufactured by companies which are then sold to members. In other places, members are often helped by other Guides to make their own uniforms.

Age Groups

Girls are separated into different groups according age. The first group where they enter the ranks is the Rainbow Guides, typically for girls qho are aged between 5 to 7.

Next come the Brownies for girls aged between 7 and 10 years. This is when the badge collecting starts where activities are rewarded with badges which are sown onto uniforms. The adult leader of ythe Brownies is usually referred to as the Brown Owl. This is where most of the shaping of the Guide way takes place.

Once members turn 10, they becomguides until the age of 14. The leader can be chosen by the patrol itself. Guides can chose to work on Challenge Badges, Go For Its, Interest Badges or the Baden-Powell award named after the Founder.

Once a guide turns 14, they join the Senior Section. There are several sub-categories to branch out to at this point. Some include being young leaders to work with Rainbows, Brownies or Guides. When guides get to this age, they can also chose to become a Ranger or to become a Trefoil Guild member.