Girl Guides Badges – Part 2

dsc04857A previous post discussed some of the different badges a Girl Guide in the UK can work toward obtaining. Below, a few more are described.

Circus Skills

This badge is skills-based and involves performing circus skills. For example, taking part in a circus training day to learn a circus skill. Or to teach 3 people how to do a circus skill that has been mastered.


Covers skills of different communication methods. For example, describing enjoyable Girl Guide activities and doing so through two mediums of communication i.e email, or writing a letter describing it. Keeping a record of all the mediums of communication used in the course of a day and which is used the most.

Community Action

This badge is action orientated focusing on bringing about positive change in a community. Examples of the tasks required are; cleaning a local river, or assisting the elderly in the community.


This badge refers to culinary knowledge and skills. Examples of the tasks required are; knowing how to properly melt chocolate and make a dessert with it, or demonstrate knowledge of the three types of icing and which one is used for what.


This badge is also about culinary abilities but centred more on a full meal. For example; cooking the family favourite meal, or learning about particular diets and preparing a meal that would be suitable for those diets (for instance when someone in the family is diabetic).


The culture badge involves exposing oneself to different cultures and ideas. For example, recording an interview with a community member talking about life in the community, learning a dance or song or other drama from a different culture and performing it to the group.

Girl Guides offer a lot of rewards – recognition, achievement, the enjoyment of a task done well. Similarly, gambling can offer rewards too. There is the obvious financial reward in play, but also rewards of being successful, and being recognised as a successful roulette player in the roulette online community.