Girl Guide Badges in the UK

f06b869d98757a4809d9f26e6cb2a345Different Girl Guide clubs have different badges and or different stylizing of their badges. This article will focus on those that are listed for Girl Guides in the UK. A point that is important to bear in mind is that different badges have different requirements. Some need only a handful of skills to complete, while others need an extensive list of items. Here, you will see an overview of some badges, and an example or two.

Active response

The Active Response badge is primarily about having the skills and knowledge on how to respond appropriately in an emergency situation. Some of the requirements needed to earn this badge are; explaining and showing how to handle a situation where someone is bleeding heavily from a wound, knowing how to make an emergency phone call, and what information is relevant and needed for the call.


The Agility badge centers on physically doing sportive activities. Examples are running for a distance of 2 kilometers or swimming a distance of 100 meters.

Animal Active

This badge is about gaining knowledge of animals – both domesticated and wild – from learning more about them to knowing how to care for one at home. Examples are journaling about a particular type of animal for 10 days. Another example would be creating a poster with the goal of educating others about the responsibility involved in owning a pet.


This badge is about basic outdoor survival skill – for example, demonstrating proficient knowledge on caring for cuts and bruises, and basic first aid administration. Another example is being able to pitch up a camping tent.

Camper Advanced

This badge is a more intensive continuation of the skill set of the previous badge. Examples are; demonstrating the knowledge of simple camping tent repairs, how to dispose of rubbish and waste water at a camp, and how to protect the environment.


This badge involves knowledge of chocolate as well as being able to cook with it. Examples are; finding out the history of chocolate, making chocolate ribbons or leaves.