Camping – the Very Essence of Being a Scout

rppc-178The first thing that people probably think of when hearing the word “Scout” is camping, and it is one of the most enjoyed activities by members.

Camping trips are usually organised within a troop. Sometimes, however, there are larger gatherings known as camporees as well as the even larger jamborees. The former are smaller events and bring together units of scouts from the same area for a couple of days, normally over a weekend or the holidays.

Jamborees, on the other hand, bring together scouts in national and international events. These bring people from around the world together to participate in workshops as well as bilateral and multi-lateral meetings with different associations.

Various activities are held during the meetings. Of course, scouts also enjoy trading their patches for tasks they have completed or competitions that they may have won.

For many young Scouts, the best part of being part of the organisation is to spend a week or more in a summer camp. With the weather being so favourable, Scouts take part in various activities such as hiking, climbing, cooking and trail walks. But there are also aquatic activities on offer such as canoeing, sailing, rafting and other team sports. At the end of each long and tiring day, it is the campfire, the stories and eating dinner under the stars which captivates each and every Scout.

In spending time together, the Scout Movement hopes that Scouts will learn the cornerstones of the Scout method, the Scout Promise and Scout Law. While these are easy to pay lip service to, it is much harder in the real world. By spending time with their mentors and their peers, Scouts learn how to fulfil their potential through character building and leadership in a structured programme of outdoor activities.

Through putting people together at a young age with the aim of fulfilling the potential of each and every person, the Scout Movement uses positive enforcement and positive peer pressure to ensure that young boys do the right thing when confronted with any situation, whether as an individual or within a group.