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Camping – the Very Essence of Being a Scout

The first thing that people probably think of when hearing the word “Scout” is camping, and it is one of the most enjoyed activities by members. Camping trips are usually organised within a troop. Sometimes, however, there

The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout is an American film that was released in the year 1991, directed by Tony Scott and starred Bruce Willies and Damon Wayans. At the time, Bruce Willies was enjoying international, widespread popularity and

Girl Guide Badges in the UK

Different Girl Guide clubs have different badges and or different stylizing of their badges. This article will focus on those that are listed for Girl Guides in the UK. A point that is important to bear in

The History of the Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts were founded in 1908 after Robert Baden Powell’s successful camping expedition at a place called Brown Sea Island Camp a year before. Baden Powell followed up his camping trip by writing the Scouts’ manual

The History of Scouting

Most people are probably familiar with or heard about terms such as boy or girl scouts and what immediately comes to mind is a bunch of kids in funny looking outfits and hats, marching around the forest

Girl Guides Badges – Part 2

A previous post discussed some of the different badges a Girl Guide in the UK can work toward obtaining. Below, a few more are described. Circus Skills This badge is skills-based and involves performing circus skills. For

Girls, Guides, the uniform and the badges

The original Girl Guides uniform was created in 1909 and the finished article was published in the publication; The Scheme for Girl Guides. The Guides uniform is quite identifiable the world over. It is based on a

The origin of Girl Guides in the United Kingdom

The Girl Guides movement shares a close tie with the Boy Scouts. The founder of the latter was the retired army general Robert Baden-Powell, who created the group in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. He